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Didn’t know

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Didn’t know

One day I saw your back entirely naked,

But all covered of tattoos.

From the naked shoulders down to the buttocks

A lot of landscape to be discovered.

I, dazzled girl, grabbled each span of that skin.

But what I didn’t know was that you belonged to the mob...

Even though, I embraced you and your drawings, desired...

And your back I kissed.

Long and slow kiss,

I was enchanted with the eyes of the Dragon,

Which ardently regarded me when everything happened;

the tattoos became alive, your dragon got crazy!

grabbed me by the waist, bit my mouth

eating me up with sweetness, I surrender in your kisses,

I loved, I raved with the delights of the Dragon

which dominated me and caressed me,

by the whole body it gasped...

Its poison spreading,

And my body heating up.

I loved, I cursed, it was love and suffering...

Then passed the carp, bright and golden.

Smoothed me and gave me the hand

Surrounded me and led an amusing swing,

Taking me to frenzy!

It seens we were dancing

in an extraordinary trance.

I sweated and embraced you and once more and I kissed you more,

But I swear, I didn’t know that you belonged to the mob...

And so, we vanish in insanities for a too high price,

I got crazy without you who disappeared without leaving traces...

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